Test-driving Event-Driven Apps on Kubernetes

Test-driving Event-Driven Apps on Kubernetes

As developers, we all want to be more productive. Knative, a Kubernetes based platform to deploy and manage modern serverless works, helps to do just that. The idea behind Knative is to abstract away the complexity of building apps on top of Kubernetes as much as possible and Tekton is a powerful and flexible open-source CI/CD tool. How can you bring those two together on your local machine to try a few things out or even develop your apps? During this talk, we looked at setting up a KinD cluster, bootstrapping Knative and Tekton, and deploying an app!

Talk materials

The tools I used:

The KinD configuration I used to create a cluster

kind: Cluster
apiVersion: kind.x-k8s.io/v1alpha4
- role: control-plane
  - containerPort: 31080
    hostPort: 80

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