Continuous Verification In A Serverless World @ Serverless Nashville

Discover the power of Continuous Verification in optimizing serverless apps. Learn to integrate it seamlessly into your pipelines with tools like GitLab, CloudHealth, Wavefront, and Gotling.

Continuous Verification In A Serverless World @ Serverless Nashville
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At VMware we define Continuous Verification as:

“A process of querying external systems and using information from the response to make decisions to improve the development and deployment process.”

At Serverless Nashville, I got a chance to not only talk about what that means for serverless apps but also how we use serverless in some of the business units at VMware.

The talk

Continuous Verification, by default, means it’s an extension to the existing development and deployment processes that companies already have. That extension focuses on optimizing both the development and deployment experience for those companies by looking at security, performance, and cost. At most companies, some of these steps are done manually or scripted, but hardly ever are they really part of the deployment pipeline. In this session, we’ll look at extending an existing CI/CD pipeline with checks for security, performance, and cost to make a decision on whether we want to deploy our app or not.



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